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The Gertie Marx Spinal Needle was designed in response to an international survey of leading anaethetists.

The Gertie Marx needles offer a superior delivery system for regional anaesthesia.

Features of Gertie Marx Needles include:
Increased strength of the shaft
Reduces the lateral deviation and associated bending of the needle during insertion and easier removal of stylet
Increased strength & sharpness of the tip of the needle (Whilst maintaining pencil point tip design)
Subsequent improvement of the “feel” of the needle as it punctures the dura
The tip creates a very distinct "pop" when the dura is punctured and easy detection of the correct placement in the subarachnoid space.
Reduces the incidence of post dural puncture headache (PDPH)
Shortened distance from the tip of the needle to the side port
Reduces the risk of the side port being ‘half in half out’
This then reduces the incidence of “failed first attempts” subsequently
Reduces the need for another attempt at another site
Improved flow rate through the lumen
reduces the time taken to visualise CSF at the needle hub
Crystal Clear 'Magnified' Hub
The crystal clear hub of the allows the user to easily recognize CSF return.
The hub actually magnifies the contents approximately 2.5 times.
Easier and earlier visualisation of the CSF at the hub
Position Independent Stylet
360 degree rotating stylet cap can be inserted in any position.
There is no alignment necessary.
This saves significant time when multiple insertion and withdrawal of the stylet is required.
Stylet cap with raised lines offers the user a secure grip, even while wearing gloves. 
Two 'side port' indicators on the introducer and the needle
Side port indicators on the needle hub give visual and sensory indication of the position of the side port.
Two indicators on the introducer provide visual and sensory identifiers for the position of the introducers bevelled tip.
Length of needle
Available in 90 mm, 101 mm, 124 mm and 150 mm lengths for obese and morbidly obese patients.
These needles reduce the number of failed blocks due to insufficient length when long needles are used for the CSE technique.
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